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CHOPS Creator Gary Jesch Dishes on 3D LED Video Wall

Gary Jesch
Gary Jesch
28 Dec 2020

Spokesperson Kira Gurnee interviews CHOPS Live Animation founder Gary Jesch at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando about the breakthrough technology he discovered by combining his live interactive avatars with the HSI Immersive 3D LED video walls HSI showed two walls at the event and Jesch demonstrated 10 different avatars over three days to hundreds of attendees Attendees who came by the HSI booth were given a free pair of American Paper Optics circular polarizing 3D glasses so they could see the digital images come off the screen and display five feet out in front of the 9x6 ft video wall This is the first-time-ever that this technique has been shown in public For more information - www chops com

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